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Samhain Botanical Candle
Samhain Botanical Candle
Samhain Botanical Candle

Samhain Botanical Candle

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Months of research go into each of our candle formulas and this Limited Edition SAMHAIN candle is no different. 

The spellbinding blend of Ginger, Clove and Wild Orange essential oils create a spicy 'hot' scent with a licorice undertone. No artificial 'pumpkin spice' fragrance to be found around here.
Black mallow, black lava salt and red jasper adorn the top.
Red Jasper was chosen not only for its gorgeous colour against the black wax but also for it's stimulating properties. Red jasper specifically awakens the kundalini (our life force energy)... What better time to activate our consciousness than on All Hallows Eve.

The perfect candle to adorn alters and light on full moons.

These crystals have been charged and cleansed under the full moon with sage to get the most out of their natural energies.

100% Vegan & Handmade.

Approximate burn time - 30 hours

Candle comes in a reusable glass 6oz jar.

Please visit our Wooden Wick Care guide (which is located at the bottom of our website) before buying these candles. They burn differently (and more beautifully!) to the typical cotton candle but can take some getting used to.

Note: Always take the dried botanics off the top of the candle before lighting! Some candles *may* alternatively come with a cotton wick as opposed to a wooden one - this is due to inconsistencies with suppliers.

Hand poured by Lunar & Lux in Nottingham, UK with 100% soy wax for a clean burn and 100% ethically sourced pure essential oils sourced from around the world. No phthalates, dyes, paraffin or preservatives.