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Mama Moon Bath Soak

Mama Moon Bath Soak

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Mama Moon does what it says on the tin! A combination of natural healing Himalayan salt and pure essential oils will turn your tub into absolute heaven.

Himalayan salt is naturally rich in minerals so works wonders for recharging weary bodies. This ancient salt is well known for relieving anxiety, helping to rid toxins and soothe aches and pains. We've also mixed in some pure lavender and chamomile essential oils to make this soak as relaxing as possible. 

Hand made with love and prana ॐ

Light one of our Mama Moon aromatherapy candles, sink into this heavenly rose petal bath and Zzzzz.

100% Vegan & Handmade.

Approx 300g

Please not the coarseness o(size of grain) of the salt used in our products can vary depending on what we have available. All ingredients will remain the same and have the same wonderful healing benefits.

Packed in 100% recyclable materials.

Also available in the bumper size - 900g