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Hygge Jumbo Bath Shot
Hygge Jumbo Bath Shot
Hygge Jumbo Bath Shot

Hygge Jumbo Bath Shot

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'A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.'

Our HYGGE botanical candles and wax melts were so popular.... we've decided to expand.

Our HYGGE bath shots smell DELICIOUS - like a Danish bakery, an old school sweet shop and Santas grotto rolled into one. With Notes of Vanilla, Orange and Cinnamon essential oils these melts are literally good enough to eat.

Containing all the benefits of infused Himalayan salt rock which is packed full of minerals and Hawaiian black lava salt rock which is renowned for it's detoxifying effects (due to it containing activated charcoal!).

We've also added elderberries, rowan berries, gold leaf and calendula - how festive!

Plus, our bath shots packaged in Alice in Wonderland-esque test tube packaging! I can even add a short note for you if this is a gift :)

p.s. these bath shots are also PERFECT for wedding favours!

*you receive ONE test tube *

The regular size bath shot is 40g - these are 80g!
Test tubes measures 16cm x 3.5cm x 3cm including cork.

Ingredients: Himalayan Salt Rock (fine and coarse grain), Hawaiian Black Lava Salt, Rowan Berries, Dried Calendula, Elderberries, Blue Cornflower, Pure Vanilla Essential oil), Pure Cinnamon Essential Oil, Pure Wild Orange Essential Oil