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Sacred Space Cleansing Smudge Spray

Sacred Space Cleansing Smudge Spray

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The perfect balance of cleansing ingredients for you to prepare, energise and make your areas sacred.

This smoke-free smudging mist will banish negative energy in your home, your car, during rituals and spell work - where ever you feel you need to use it. 

The combination of pure Palo Santo, Cedarwood and White Sage essential oils work together as the ultimate cleansing trio to get rid of those negative vibes.

The Incas have revered Palo Santo since antiquity as a healing and cleansing plant to remove impurities and clear negative energy (mala energía). It is widely used throughout the Americas by Shamans and healers. It belongs to the same family as frankincense and myrrh and is equally uplifting, centering and sacred.

I've also popped some smoky quartz crystals in the bottle for some extra amplification and grounding work. 🔮

*This product is NOT recommended for use in pregnancy or children due to containing sage essential oil*

100% Vegan and Handmade. 

Sacred Space comes in a reusable 100ml amber glass.