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About Us

Lunar & Lux is a small independent company based in the UK!

After years of being a freelance makeup artist in London and working in cosmetic retail I gave birth to my baby boy, Lux. I realised it was incredibly hard to source products that were completely natural and didn't contain any toxins and nasties to use on myself and my baby's skin - I certainly couldn't find these in mainstream supermarkets. Always having an avid interest in herbal apothecary, a background in organic skincare and inspired by the luna moon ...  my second baby, Lunar & Lux was born!

On this site you will find safe, herbal products with a spin. These products AREN'T just aimed at mothers and babys, they're enjoyed by many new agers  and spiritual esoterics too. Our products can be used by anyone and for any occasion including full moon rituals, child birth and every day use. 

Lux enjoying a well deserved coconut oil and frankincense massage.